A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apoidea. A synopsis.

The opera describes the tragedy of a queen who, even before she was born, finds herself predestined to take on a mission that she has not chosen. Cloistered inside her palace, though provided with every possible privilege, she must give birth and guarantee the continuity of her descendants and preserve social order.
Apoidea is the name of a superfamily within the hymnoptera, to which bees belong. The plot of the opera reflects what actually occurs in Nature, detailing the most meaningful stages of a queen bee's life, a life that has all the ingredients of a tragedy.
As soon as she is born, the princess must kill her sisters to rise to the throne. As macabre as it may seem, she is no less a victim as her choice is to kill or be killed.
Thus begins her life as queen, attended constantly by her subjects but still trapped within a narrow confinement, from which she escapes only once in her lifetime, when it is her time to mate. She mates after a single wedding dance, as a result of which she will give birth till the end of her days. And when this happens, nothing in her life will have made a difference, as one of her daughters will occupy the throne that she will leave and history will repeat itself over and over as it has since time immemorial.

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