A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.

Art and photos

'Daybreak in a very particular Kingdom',
first of a series of six engravings entitled 'Apoidea', by José Miguel Delgado

'Royal Chambers'

'The Fratricide'

'Life in the palace'

'The wedding Danzon'

'Dusk and longing'

Rehearsals in Brno, Czech Republic

With Lucie Slepankova

With conductor Gabriel Rovnak

Jomi, Omar Rojas, Gabriel Rovnak and Ivana Rovnakova

Ivana Rovnakova, Germán, Lubo Kopkas, Rebeca Ulicna

Celebrating after the performance!

Jomi and Germán in front of JAMU Academy the day after the premiere

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