A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.

About the Authors

Since 2003 José Miguel Delgado (Mexico, 1977), who previously studied industrial design, has been concentrating on music. As well as being a composer of theatrical, traditional and electro-acoustic music, Delgado is involved with sound design. Among his interests is collaborating with artists of different disciplines.
José Miguel studied in the Centre for Studies and Research in Music (CIEM) and holds an LTCL with distinction in music composition from Trinity College of London. In 2010 his orchestral piece 'Nuevo Canto a México' was chosen to be the oficial musical theme of the Bicentenary of the Independence of Mexico. www.jomidelgado.com

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Germán A. Panarisi (Argentina, 1981) was awarded a grant to study Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 1999, which led him to live in Spain from that year to the present. He combined his studies with his vocation for cinema. His first screenplay “Minesweeper” got the jury´s and most voted screenplay award at Magonia Pictures contest (2002). He is also founder of the Latin American Student and Cinematographic Associations at Universidad Carlos III. A baccalaureate in Economics he started a degree on Media Studies. He has directed several short films and is currently working at the Spanish National Radio as well as in the developing of many other projects, such as short films and movies and TV scripts.

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