A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.


This is a walk through the music of every episode in Apoidea.
It's important to note that this is a synthesis of the opera, so all tracks are shortened.

First Episode

– Daybreak in a very particular kingdom... -
"In this Kingdom everything works like clockwork. Coexistence is harmonious, and everyone has to be happy to perform his or her appointed duties. for, as everybody knows, the Whole is always more important than its parts."

– The murmur of the masses -
"The Kingdom is upset. Word that the Mother Queen is soon to pass away has spread. But there is nothing to worry about for social order is assured. It is simply a matter of preparing her successor."

Apoidea. Primer episodio / First episode by jomi music

Second Episode

- The Royal Chambers -
"The heiresses to the Crown are sleeping peacefully. They are waiting for their time to ascend to the throne.
Many aspire that position, but only one can rule.
Whoever is ready must act speedily and precisely if she is to rise to power."

- A Queen is born -
The Princess lies in one of the cradles. As if waking from a dream, she stands and leaves her cradle. She walks towards another cradle and slips below the mosquito net. Kneeling before her sister, she sings to her.

Third Episode

- The Fratricide -
The Princess turns her back on the audience. A dagger can be seen hanging from her waist. She slowly returns to the cradle, cuddling her sister. She takes the dagger and, with a sudden movement, stabs the baby.

Apoidea. Segundo y tercer episodios / Second & third episodes by jomi music

Fourth Episode

- Lfe in the palace -
"The new queen enjoys every commodity and attention. 
Bonded to her destiny, there is nothing to worry her, nor will there ever be. Her privileged life resembles an eternal sea of calm."

- The day is coming -
From on high a white gown descends, one that might be a wedding gown, as if it were an angel. The Queen sings enthusiastically because the day has come at last when she will have her first rendezvous with the sun, the sky, and freedom.

Apoidea. Cuarto episodio / Fourth episode by jomi music

Fifth Episode

-  In the immense field… -
"Today is the big day. Today the wedding ball will be held. The Queen must leave the palace and encounter the barons of the Court, to guarantee the continuity of her kingdom. In fact, it is the first time the Queen sees the sun."
The musicians alone on stage, now representing members of the aristocracy, perform the music that will win the heart and favour of the Queen. She enters, walking slowly and sensually, rather like a model, though without abandoning her royal posture.

- Nupcial Danzon -
When the serenade is over, the musicians stand and bow to the Queen. The lights go down, creating an atmosphere of intimacy. The Queen looks at the conductor and gives him the signal to begin the danzon.

Apoidea. Quinto episodio / Fifth episode by jomi music

Sixth Episode

- Dusk and longing -
"The years have passed. This old Queen, like her predecessors, and like those who will succeed her, has managed to fulfil the mission that was her fate.
Her life has been dedicated to the throne, confined to the kingdom, the common good placed before any personal desire.
She has never lacked for anything, except perhaps to determine her own existence, yet in exchange for that she has been more privileged than anyone could dream of.
She has lived the life she robbed from her sisters. It was her destiny, and none can reject his destiny."

- Death and liberty -
The Queen, standing next to the throne, cannot stop contemplating the field visible through the window. She prepares to sing to her heirsses for the last time.

Apoidea. Sexto episodio. Sixth episode. by jomi music


Lucie Slepankova (Queen) – mezzo-soprano

Gabriel Rovnak – artistic director

Eva Bergerova – flute
Pavel Zlamal – clarinet
Lubomir Kopkas – guitar
Jolana Dvorakova – violin
Kristyna Cermakova – cello
Zuzana Mecarova – percussions

Audio recording – Daniel Rozsnyo

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