A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.

Technical overview

       APOIDEA, a short hexagonal opera

       "A princess… a kingdom… a destiny."

       Short opera in six brief episodes narrating the life of a queen who is forced to adopt a role for which she never was given a choice.
       The story is inspired by the most meaningful stages of a queen bee's life, a life that has all the ingredients of a tragedy.
       A good portion of the music has a distinctive Mexican character, resulting from the use of particular rhythms, melodies and timbres.

       - Mezzo-soprano
       - chamber sextet: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar and percussion (shakers, claves, guiro, vibraphone)
       - Conductor

       - approx. 25 minutes (without counting breaks for costume and scenography changes)

– Please contact us at info@jomidelgado.com for further details and an estimate on its performance –

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