A short hexagonal opera

A princess… a kingdom… a destiny.


The teaser for Apoidea features a fragment of "Apoidea's Lament", a powerful aria in which the Queen evaluates her life.

Apoidea Teaser (English) from jomi music on Vimeo.

Just as she is born, our princess must face an inescapable choice: to kill and rise to the throne, or be killed. As she sings a sweet lullaby to her sisters, her infallible fate takes form.

A Queen is born / Episode II, Apoidea from jomi music on Vimeo.


"Today is the big day. Today the wedding ball will be held. The Queen must leave the palace and encounter the barons of the Court, to guarantee the continuity of her kingdom…"

Danzón Nupcial / Quinto Episodio, Apoidea from jomi music on Vimeo.

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